Russell bufalino obituary

Lee jlee pennlive. The Bufalino crime family is one of three prominent La Cosa Nostra families in Pennsylvania, though its power has weakened substantially since its heyday.

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The criminal enterprise takes its name after Russell Bufalino, who became the crime boss of the northeastern Pennsylvania family inaccording to a report from the now-defunct Pennsylvania Crime Commission. Specifically, the crime family traces its origin back to Pittston. A view of Ellis Island, New York, in AP Photo. Bufalino arrives in the United States. Rosario Albert Bufalino was born Oct. This would later come up during a year legal battle with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Servicewhich wanted to deport him as an undesirable alien.

Bufalino entered the country through Ellis Island in and became a permanent resident of the United States. The Majestic front of the U. Supreme Court Building, Washington D. May 16, He never became a citizen, though he did claim to be one upon returning from Cuba in His deportation hearing unearthed forged documents at the Luzerne County Courthouse that claimed he was born October in Pittston, according to the Citizen's Voice. The case made its way to the U.

Supreme Court, who refused to hear his appeal in However, the Italian government refused to accept him. As a result, Bufalino remained in the U.

Reputed mobster Joseph Barbara Sr. Bufalino builds a relationship with Barbara. Barbara came to the U. Even though he had been arrested several times on murder charges and being connected to bootlegging during Prohibition, Barbara was only convicted once in for the illegal acquisition of sugar. This is the English manor mansion of reputed mobster Joseph Barbara Sr. The relationship between the two would lead Bufalino to later organize the "Apalachin Convention" at Barbara's house in Apalachin, New York, according to the report from the Pennsylvania Crime Commission.

Bufalino is one of the suspects in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. Bufalino was also one of the suspects in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, who used to be the head of the Teamsters, according to the Citizens' Voice.

Sheeran said that Bufalino and other leaders of the Mafia wanted to stop Hoffa from taking control of the Teamsters and its pension fund, which the Citizens' Voice wrote was a source of easy loans for the mob. Sheeran said the hit happened during a trip that he and Bufalino took with their wives in from northeastern Pennsylvania to Detroit. They dropped their wives off at a diner in Ohio and drove to a small airport, where Sheeran boarded a plane to Michigan.

He met Hoffa there and shot him in a house outside of Detroit.

Russell Bufalino

Sheeran then flew back to Ohio to continue the trip. Martin Scorsese's upcoming mob film " The Irishman " will recount the hit as it is told in Brandt's book. The Bufalino family gets involved in loan sharking, narcotics and more.

The Bufalino family was connected to loan sharking; theft; gambling; the financing of narcotics in New York; and threats of violence against those who owed debts to legitimate businesses, according to a report by the Pennsylvania Crime Commission. It also owned garment manufacturing interests in both New York and Pennsylvania.

Bufalino puts a hit out on government witness Jack Napoli. Bufalino's influence earns him pull with business leaders, politicians and judges. A FBI report stated that Bufalino also had ties with business leaders, politicians and judges, according to Citizen's Voice.Valenti, 61, of Buffalo, already in prison in Rochester on a contempt of court charge. The charges appeared to involve four separate cases. Federal agents declined to comment on any possible connection between them, although the arrests occurred at the same time.

Bufalino, Who has frequently been charged with crimes but has never been convicted of anything but traffic offenses, was named with eight other men for conspiracy to use threats and violence to obstruct interstate business. However, last week the Italian Government announced that it would not readmit him to the country, which means that he is free to stay in the United States.

On Friday. He was telling Mr. Those arrested were Anthony F. Guarnieri, 61, of Endicott, N. Aleccia, 58, of Endwell, N. Three others—Vincent Caci, 47; Leonard J. Fambo, 57; Peter L. Talarico, 44—are already in state prison. He and three others were charged Friday with obstruction of justice and subornation of perjury in connection with the trial. The others were Eugene A. DeFrancesco, 38, of Gates, N.

John T.

russell bufalino obituary

Elfvin, United States Attorney in Buffalo, said that the charges were based mainly on information provided by Joseph Zito of Batavia, who was convicted with Valenti in last year's extortion case. Elfyin said the information enabled undercover agents to infiltrate underworld activities. Three men from Rochester were charged with interstate transportation of stolen property in connection with an armed robbery in in Brackney, Pa.Russell A.

Bufalino September 25, - February 25, also known as "McGee" and "The Old Man" was the powerful boss of the Northeastern Pennsylvania crime family also known as the Bufalino crime family from until his death in Despite being the boss of a small crime family, Bufalino was a significant influence in the national Cosa Nostra criminal organization.

Bufalino controlled the Pittston garment industry and extended the Northeastern Pennsylvania mobs interests from coal mining and trucking union locals into gambling, loansharking, and labor racketeering.

Managing legitimate investments in real estate and various businesses Bufalino kept a low profile until when he was convicted of extortion. In his time, Russell A. Bufalino was feted by politicians, feared by his fellow mobsters and dogged by federal prosecutors. Bufalino worked alongside many Buffalo mobsters, some of whom would become top leaders in the Buffalo crime family and other future Cosa Nostra families along the East Coast of the United States.

These relationships proved very helpful to Bufalino in his criminal career. Family and clan ties were important to Sicilian-American criminals; they created a strong, secretive support system that outsiders or law enforcement could not infiltrate. A significant friendship was with his first boss, John C. An immigrant from Montedoro, Montana was an early powerful figure in the Buffalo family.

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As a young man, Bufalino involved himself in traditional underworld rackets such as gambling, extortion, robbery, theft and debt collection. By the time Bufalino reached his mids, his criminal record showed arrests for petty larceny, receiving stolen goods, conspiracy to obstruct justice, drug dealing, and fencing stolen jewelry. When Prohibition was enacted inBufalino quickly became involved in the lucrative new business of bootlegging.

In the early s, Bufalino started working with Joseph Barbaraanother young upstate New York bootlegger. Both men were Sicilian and shared friends in the Buffalo underworld.

Bufalino soon moved with his new wife to Endicott, New York, in Barbara's territory. Bufalino and Barbara built a close working relationship throughout the s.

Inwhen Barbara became boss of the Northeastern Pennsylvania crime family, he named Bufalino as underboss. Bufalino moved to Kingston, Pennsylvania, a central location that let him supervise family operations.

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The Northeastern Pennsylvania crime family was fairly small; at its peak, it only contained between 30 to 40 made men, or full members. It was one of the smallest crime families on the east coast; however, it had strong ties with the larger, more powerful Buffalo crime family and the Bonanno crime family of New York.

These ties gave Barbara more influence in the Mafia Commission, which regulated all the crime families. As underboss, Bufalino had the chance to meet some of the top Cosa Nostra bosses.

William Bufalino Sr., 72, Lawyer For Hoffa and Teamsters' Union

Aware that a local state trooper had been watching the property, Barbara had reservations about holding the meeting there. However, since Magaddino was insistent, Barbara agreed to the Apalachin Conference. Bufalino helped organize the meeting, communicating with delegates, ordering the food and Italian delicacies, and arranging hotel accommodations for the guests.Access the Citizens' Voice e-Edition on your computer or smart device in its original print format.

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russell bufalino obituary

File 3 Pages Bufalino arrested for extortion in Pages Community reaction to Bufalino conviction. File 7 Page Bufalino takes the Fifth before a U. Senate committee in February Pages Bufalino honored in September banquet in Wilkes-Barre.

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Kielbasa Festival. Pittston Tomato Festival. National Cancer Survivors. Graduation Article Tools Font size.Access the Citizens' Voice e-Edition on your computer or smart device in its original print format. Home delivery subscribers can read it free! Russell Bufalino, seated at left wearing a tie, and two associates were arrested on obstruction of justice charges in for allegedly lying to a grand jury about the purpose of a "mob convention" they attended in Apalachin, N.

Seated to Bufalino's left is Angelo Sciandra. At right is James David Osticco. Their convictions were overturned on appeal. Image Gallery for The Bufalino File. In his time, Russell A. Bufalino was feted by politicians, feared by his fellow mobsters and dogged by federal prosecutors. Casino developer Louis A.

Bufalino, or a character based on him, will likely play a prominent role in a film planned by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese. Freedom of Information Act. Reports from FBI offices across the United States over a year period link Bufalino and his crime family to union racketeering, bookmaking, the fencing of stolen goods, loan-sharking, narcotics and related violence.

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Similar reports from this era also link him to upstate New York mob boss Joseph Barbara, who employed Bufalino as a mechanic at one of his bottling plants during World War II. Nearly 60 men were detained. Twenty, including Bufalino, would be found guilty of obstruction of justice for allegedly lying to a grand jury about the purpose of the meeting, but those convictions were overturned on appeal.

For organized crime, Apalachin meant increased scrutiny from J. ByBufalino was the boss of the regional crime syndicate, according to the FBI. Apalachin also resulted in a year legal battle with the U. Immigration and Naturalization Service, which wanted to deport Bufalino as an undesirable alien. Attorney General William P.

russell bufalino obituary

Bufalino, born in Sicily in Septemberhad been granted permanent resident status, but not citizenship, upon entering the country through Ellis Island inaccording to the INS. The agency alleged he falsely claimed U. He was ordered deported. Bufalino unsuccessfully fought his deportation all the way to the U.

Supreme Court, which refused to hear his appeal in But in the end, the Italian government declined to accept him and he remained in the United States. Several men whose names have been tied to the Hoffa case, including Bufalino and Delaware Teamsters official Frank Sheeran, were subsequently imprisoned on unrelated charges in a concerted law enforcement assault on racketeering and organized crime that raged in the late s and s.

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Sheeran said Bufalino and other Mafia heads wanted to stop Hoffa from regaining the presidency of the Teamsters and control of its pension fund, which had been a source of easy loans for the mob. At the time of his disappearance, Hoffa, who had served time on bribery and other charges, was planning to run for the union presidency despite the terms of his early release, which barred him from union activities until Sheeran claimed he and Bufalino dropped their wives off at a diner in Ohio during the drive and Sheeran and Bufalino drove to a small airport, where Sheeran boarded a private plane for an hour-long flight to Michigan.

Once there, Sheeran said, he met Hoffa and drove with him and another mob associate to a house outside Detroit, where he shot Hoffa. Sheeran then flew back to Ohio to continue his trip with Bufalino.

Bufalino was known to associate with numerous local business leaders, politicians and even judges, according to the FBI file, which was heavily edited by the agency to delete their names.William E. Bufalino Sr.

russell bufalino obituary

He was 72 years old. Bufalino represented the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and Mr. Hoffa personally for a quarter of a century, helping the union and Mr. Hoffa to fight charges of racketeering in the 's and 's.

He defended the union and Mr. Hoffa in seven trials, winning verdicts for his clients five times. Hoffa, who eventually went to Federal prison for jury tampering, disappeared in and is thought to have been murdered.

Bufalino was himself a teamster official, serving for two decades as president of Localthe Detroit-area ''jukebox local'' that was portrayed before a Senate investigation as little more than a collection agency for gangster-dominated operators collecting money from jukeboxes. Inwhen Mr. Hoffa was completing his five-year sentence for jury tampering, Mr.

Bufalino broke with him, saying later that he had concluded that the teamster leader had used other people for his own gain. After Mr. Hoffa's disappearance from a parking lot in a Detroit suburb, Mr.

Bufalino said he believed the union leader had been involved in an effort by the Central Intelligence Agency to arrange for American members of the Mafia to assassinate Fidel Castro, the Cuban President. Under Mr. Bufalino's theory, Mr. Hoffa was killed to prevent him from disclosing anything about the alleged plot.

Bufalino, who retired inspent many years rebutting assertions that he was part of the underworld. He denied that he had defended any member of the Mafia, and filed suits against Senator John L. Kennedy, the committee chief counsel who later became Attorney General, saying they had damaged his reputation by depicting him as a member of organized crime. The suits were unsuccessful. Bufalino was born in Pittston, Pa. He studied for the Roman Catholic priesthood for two years but switched to a career in law and received a degree from the Dickinson School of Law in After World War II, in which he served as a lieutenant in the Army's Judge Advocate General Corps, he entered private law practice and in began his association with the teamsters.

Bufalino, who lived in St. Clair Shores, Mich. He is also survived by 12 grandchildren and a great-grandchild. Obituaries William Bufalino Sr. View on timesmachine. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions.

Castro Assassination Plot After Mr. Home Page World U.This article will have some spoilers for the movie because it adheres closely to real life in some cases. The titular character is Frank Sheeran, a labor official from Delaware with ties to Bufalino and the mob.

No one has stood trial in his death, the principle suspects are all long dead including Bufalino who died inand his body has never been found. The trail, though, seems to lead back to Bufalino in many theories. The Apalchin meeting. The family traced its origins to the s in the Pittston area of Luzerne County. Inthere were 35 active members, but the crime family was cut in half a decade later. The mob thought Hoffa was a rat and their share of the pension system was in peril.

Bufalino, Sheeran says, decided that Jimmy Hoffa had to go and asked him, a friend, to carry out the hit because Hoffa would be unsuspecting. My Irishman, we did all we could for the man. Nobody could tell that man what it is. We get into Detroit together Wednesday night.

Read the Russell Bufalino FBI file

Yet his name was not widely known to the public, and he liked it that way. In the late s, Bufalino was found guilty of extortion and sentenced to four years in prison. His first prison term came in He was convicted of extorting a man named Jack Napoli.

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Sheeran claimed that Bufalino ordered him to kill Hoffa because national Mafia figures were sick of Hoffa threatening to cut the mob off from the union and thought he might be an FBI snitch. He claimed that, brought to a house in Detroit, Hoffa realized it was a hit but it was too late.

Profiling the low-profile godfather, Russell Bufalino

By Jessica McBride. Updated Jan 26, at am. What's the real story? Is Russell Bufalino's story true?

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